About Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Ltd.

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch was founded in 1995, and became a limited company in December 1999.
Founder Bill Leverett had three goals in mind:

  • to raise awareness of the plight of the pink dolphins,
  • to give them an economic value by helping them contribute to the tourist economy, and
  • to generate revenue for research and campaigns.

Each trip includes a talk on the environmental situation, and passengers are given handouts with information on how they can help the dolphins.

Directly or indirectly, Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Ltd. has been responsible for numerous articles, radio and television spots, and advertisements, informing countless people in Hong Kong and overseas of the existence of the dolphins. Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Ltd. also gives slideshows for schools and other organisations, and maintains this website.

Economic value
Annual turnover for the last several years has been just over HK$1 million. While this is negligible compared to the economic value of the airport development, fishing, and shipping that contribute to the dolphins' demise, it is a significant addition to Hong Kong's budding eco-tourism industry. More and more people are coming to Hong Kong specifically to see the dolphins, so the dolphins are contributing significantly, if indirectly, to the general tourism industry.

Research and campaigns
Hong Kong Dolphinwatch works with researchers, sharing sighting data and offering space on its trips with minimal charge to support their work. We also work with various local green groups on dolphin-related events and contributing prizes by offering free trips, photos, merchandise to schools and charities to support their fund-raising endeavours.

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Want to share our dreams and become one of us?
We are constantly recruiting part-time members to lead our dolphin watching tours in order to strengthen our team and provide a chance for dolphin-lovers to share our dreams. For more details, please refer to the ads here or send us an e-mail at info@hkdolphinwatch.com. Look forward to hearing from you soon!